Causes Of Spousal Sponsorship Brampton Invalidation

By Robert Russell

Before applying to host an extra member of your family, individuals should know what requirements must be fulfilled. There are a number of them covering both a backer and member to be sponsored. For example, if it is a marriage partner, individuals should show proof of living together for one year or more. There are numerous causes that would make spousal sponsorship Brampton fail. A few of these are explained below.

To begin with, even after acquiring citizenship, not all guarantors can invite their family members. Immigration laws require that interested guarantors should have attained 18 years and above to support a new member. Being a backer requires one to cover all forms of costs related to the sponsored individual. For this reason, supporters should be financially stable. Anyone unable to pay their debts currently cannot sponsor.

Not anybody can be sponsored. Parents, grandparents, children or spouses who intend to be residents under a sponsor arrangement have to meet certain specifications. Precisely, an individual must not be a criminal or have pending charges in a court of law. They must be directly related to a guarantor hence appear as one of their relatives. Marriage partners should present marriage proof such as a certificate. If both parties do not meet their requirements, the application will be denied.

Another aspect that could lead to the termination of the request process is if an applicant does not reside in the country. Resident law states that an individual can initiate this process while residing within the country. If they do so from a different place, applications will not be accepted even if applicants are legal citizens. However, if it is inevitable, one must prove that they intend to reside there after a successful process.

Before making a request, guarantors are expected to mention every member of their families. This is regardless of whether they will take them in future or not. If one applies for a relative who is not listed as family, such requests cannot be approved. Some immigration officers may even deport the supporter for such an omission especially if it involves a gangster.

Another factor that will lead to permanent residence denial is wrongly entered information. Human beings are prone to errors. Sometimes it is unintentional, sometimes intentional. If an officer realizes an inconsistency in certain information, such requests cannot be processed. Thus, while entering details of your own or people to be guaranteed, make sure it is as accurate as possible.

There are three categories of partnerships recognized by State law. These are legal spouses, common-law or conjugal partner. Any marriage outside these is considered for convenience. A partner in such an arrangement cannot be granted permanent residence. Markedly, there are numerous ways of ascertaining that a partnership is legal. For instance, couples can provide a marriage certificate, photos of the wedding or honeymoon and bills paid together.

In summary, these issues can be avoided by hiring an immigration lawyer. Through experience, attorneys can guide on what should be avoided as well as included in an application.

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