Discovering Holistic Healing For Animals

By Carol Fox

When family pets are injured or ill, it can often be a heart wrenching experience. Whereas, taking the animal to a veterinarian can often be expensive. As such, a number of veterinarian and animal clinics are now practicing holistic healing for animals.

In one case, a cat had been paralyzed and would not try to move. In searching for assistance, the cat's owners discovered Dr. Valerie Trudel's osteopathy and acupuncture clinic. Upon arriving to the clinic, the cat appeared to be in pain. As such, the busy holistic veterinarian provided an emergency appointment and worked with the cat.

Upon pleading with Dr. Trudel to try anything and everything possible, even knowing there were no guarantees as to the outcome. Knowing it would be a difficult and possibly long journey, the owners agreed to move forward with an holistic healing option. After which, Dr. Trudel provided the cat with an acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Trudel provided the cat with an acupuncture treatment, then the owners took the cat home and kept a watchful eye on the animal for 24 hours. Much to the owner's amazement, while the cat left lying on his stomach, he arrived home laying on one side, the most movement the owners had seen in quite some time.

After two weeks, the owners returned to Dr. Trudel's practice for a follow-up appointment and to evaluate the next step in the cat's care. When the owners entered the clinic with the cat walking normally, Dr. Trudel was amazed at how responsive the cat had been to one session of acupuncture. While this is the case, there are many similar stories now taking place in the world of alternative and holistic animal care.

While a small number of veterinarians started using these alternative forms of treatment a few years ago, the growth of holistic animal practitioners and veterinarians whom now use a combination of traditional and holistic medicine has been steady over the last few years. In fact, some veterinarians like Dr. Barnes at the Spa Paws Wellness center in Fort Worth, Texas often recommend trying a holistic approach before moving forward with traditional medications or surgeries.

In many cases, pet owners have discovered that traditional medications can often be harsh on the digestive systems of animals. Whereas, in other cases, the medications are just not strong enough to provide the necessary treatment to heal the animal. Since most pet owners consider pets to be family members, this is often hard on the owners as well. As such, many are now turning to alternative and holistic veterinary services so that the animals can remain as calm and comfortable even when not feeling well.

Traditional veterinarians have made a number of advances in the past few years when it comes to caring for ill or injured pets. In addition, these individuals can often be essential to the well being of animals. However, so too can holistic forms for animal care like those provided by Dr. Trudel. For, if an animal can be healed through acupuncture, osteopathy and natural medications for everything from anxiety to cancer, most can live much happier, healthier and longer lives.

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