For Silver Lab Puppies Fresno Is Worth Visiting

By Charles Thomas

The silver labradoodle has a lot of controversy surrounding it. The color of their body is the major cause of the controversy. The scientific explanation behind their color is that it is caused by diluted genes. This makes them a diluted version of the chocolate Labrador. Anotehr explanation is that the dogs resulted from crossbreeding Weimaraners. When one needs Silver lab puppies Fresno offers the perfect location to visit.

These dogs are like other labs in terms of sociability and being outgoing. Temperament and characteristics are the same. Many people have kept them as family dogs for several years. Originally, however, they were used in retrieving ducks in Newfoundland. When British explorers went to Canada in 1800s, they fell in love with the dogs and carried some back to Britain.

Back in Britain, the blue labs that the Britons carried from Canada were developed further to refine their features. It is for this reason that they are sometimes usually referred to as Silver English Labs. It took several years before the silver labs could find their way into the United States. The first registration with the AKC only happened in 1917.

The breed began being common in the US barely three years after they were first registered with the AKC. Even after being introduced in the United States, the dogs are still rare. The reason behind these species being rare is that some breeders still do not believe they are true labradoodles. Since they are rare, they are costly. Puppies from accredited breeders have a price range of 800 to 1500 USD.

When looking at health, these dogs are as healthy as any labradoodle out there. Most common health conditions are Patella Luxation, Elbow Dysplasia, and Hip Dysplasia. Hip and Elbow dysplasia occurs commonly in all kinds of labs. In this condition, an abnormal development grows in the joints of the hips and elbows. There is a lot of pain and discomfort associated with the condition. It also caused altered gait and lameness.

The diluted gene that is believed to cause the silver color in these dogs causes a very specific condition known as color dilution alopecia. Color dilution alopecia is usually inherited by puppies from parents. It is characterized by thinning and loss of hair, which causes the skin to itch. The gene that causes diluted color causes hair follicles to be abnormal so that new hair is unable to grow.

Silver labs are highly trainable. When training, they show best response when one uses positive reinforcement and reward based training. The whole family should be involved in the training process. Basic commands like stay, sit, stand, down, and paw should be taught using food treats. One should begin training at the earliest for best results.

Being the scavengers that they are, the dogs can eat anything. Unlike most other breeds, they are not that choosy with what they eat. They will comfortably eat from garbage bins, floors, and palms. They weigh between 55 and 80 pounds when they are fully grown. An average dog usually attains an average height of 21 to 25 inches at the shoulders.

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