Here Is Information On English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

By Scott Brown

The English cream golden retriever is a beautiful, creamy-colored dog that attracts many owners. The phrase English creams is usually used to casually refer to this dogs. The dog is owned by very many people today. Most of these owners are usually misinformed about its health. For most owners, English creams are healthier in comparison to golden retrievers. Here are facts regarding English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale.

There are no solid reasons that back the claims surrounding the level of health on English creams over goldies. Cream-colored retrievers are no healthier than their gold-colored counterparts. Research has found no evidence that proves that creamy retrievers have a better personality or are healthier than the golden retrievers. Actually, there are lots of golden retrievers with a gentle cream coat.

Goldies have a tendency of having a higher cancer rate and it is because of this that it is thought by most individuals that creams are healthier than them. However, both goldies and creamies are prone to cancer to various extents. Actually, both of them are just the same dog breed and the only major difference is the coat color. Both of them are very common dogs and are rated third among the most popular dog breeds by the ACK.

The cream-colored retriever was derived from its golden counterpart. The goldy has a very long history that goes back to the Victorian age. It is thought to have descended from the tweed water spaniel and other breeds of retrievers. Someone named Dudley Marjoribanks was the first individual to ever own this dog. The AKC recognized the breed in 1925.

Many individuals are attracted by the great personality that these dogs have. Movie producers use them in most movies because of their great personality. Usually, they love attention a lot and they never discriminate against people when it comes to receiving attention. This is why one must ensure that are capable of providing the attention needed by these dogs before they can think of owning one.

Cream colored retrievers are good companion canines. For this reason, they are not supposed to go for long without attention. Being left for long makes them get bored and lonely lones. They tend to bark and get destructive when they are lonely and bored. For example, they may begin chewing on furniture and digging around the homestead.

The dogs are very energetic. That makes obedience training very important. They need to be trained adequately and early so that they can learn to channel the energy into useful activities. Training should be coupled with adequate exercise so that they can burn the extra calories they have in their bodies. Being the intelligent dogs they are, they learn very fast and are always eager to please their owners.

Usually, English cremies have their coat shed seasonally. When their hair is being shed, they are supposed to be provided with a lot of grooming. English creamies should be groomed once per week during normal days when they do not shed so that they can be healthy. This pets are very great and they coexist well with other pets and children.

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