How The Spousal Sponsorship Brampton Program Works

By Linda Cole

The good news about foreigners who have found the love of their lives in the form of a Canadian citizen would be that they can become a Canadian citizen by having the spouse sponsor the application. This application is also known as the spousal sponsorship brampton program and it is a program that allows Canadian citizen to be with their foreigner partners. If one is interested, here are a few facts to know of.

Now, the first thing to know about this program is that it is a rather complicated process even though it sounds simple. It is a program wherein the Canadian citizen will be able to make his or her spouse a citizen of the country. The tricky part would be that there is a certain criteria that the couple will have to follow if they want to push through.

The very first criterion would be that the spouse who is Canadian has to be either a recognized citizen or a permanent resident and has to be at least eighteen years of age. Second, he or she has to show that he or she can provide the sponsorship by giving records of income, assets and other things. This criterion will also cover not being a recipient of financial assistance from the government at all.

Finally, one must not have a criminal record in the country. The Canadian government is especially strict with those who have a record of violent crimes like assault or attempted murder as well as sexual offenses such as rape, sexual harassment and the like. Finally, one must have not been imprisoned at all if he or she were to become a sponsor.

The next thing to know would be some of the important conditions relating to the program. One of the important facts to know would be that not only married couples can apply for the program. Even those who have been in a long relationship but have not married yet can apply for the program as long as they can prove that they have been in a relationship for at least a year.

Now, showing proof of a relationship or a marriage can be a bit tricky because it entails a lot of documentation. Not only marriage certificates or affidavits are needed but also photos, messages, call history, and testimonials in a one year period are needed. For married couples, possibly documents on bank accounts, household titles, and credit lines are needed.

Now, one may also be asking whether LGBT couples are allowed to apply for this sponsorship program. Yes, they are actually recognized as actual couples, both married and common law partners. Take note that the same terms and conditions are extended to them wherein they have to prove that they are serious with their partners by showing documentation.

For those who are applying for the program, take note that it is a long process. There will be errors at the start that need a lot of correcting so the whole process may take months. But if true love really waits, then it is worth the wait.

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