Seattle Puppy Classes; Prime Reasons Why Your Furry Friend Needs Training

By Melissa Turner

If you are not adopting a canine for the first time, there is a good chance that you are well acquainted with the challenges associated with taking your pet to the groomer or vet. Dogs do not just embrace pet care practices, more so if they are used to being rewarded for bad behavior. There are prime reasons behind the fact that puppyhood is the most ideal time to get your furry friend enrolled in Seattle puppy classes.

It is better to start teaching a puppy for it get accustomed to maintaining good manners at an early age. Even though mature dogs are still teachable, puppies are like small children and the absorb information more rapidly as they get used to the world around them. It can be challenging to teach a canine how to drop a habit it has upheld for years without any repercussions.

Training promotes good behavior. This is a fact that is beyond debate. A reliable trainer will use positive reinforcement and consistency for your pooch to master certain mannerisms and actions. Among the standard commands that will be taught during classes include stay, sit, lie down and come. In addition, the canine will master good conduct like playing nice when in the company of kids and other animals.

Investing in training for your furry friend will make pet care easier for you. Keep in mind that pet care practices ensure that your doggy is able to live a long and healthy life. You will not be scared of handling your dog because it will bite you and this means that you can spend quality time together and even visit the groomer frequently. Even though aggression problems are not a big deal when a dog is still a puppy, they could turn into a catastrophe once the animal matures.

A trained canine will keep its cool during both grooming and vet appointments. It will also not harm other animals at the park. Moreover, it is easier to handle a pet that can respond appropriately to basic commands. This will give you and your loved ones an easier time connecting with your furry family member.

Even though your dog will be the main beneficiary of puppy training, there are enticing benefits that you will also enjoy. First, it will be possible for you to achieve your pet parenting goals. Then again, you will enjoy the enhanced trust and bond between you and your furry friend. Learning how to use positive reinforcement such as praise, encouragement and play could make all the good difference in your relationship.

Learning will not end after the first training course. What is taught during puppyhood only sets the foundation for ongoing learning and it ensures that further development will not be complicated. Well-behaved pets always make better students than those that can hardly respond to basic commands.

Later in life, your doggy will be able to learn faster because it will have already mastered basic obedience training. You will therefore not need much assistance teaching your pooch how to remain still when raking a bath or even how to keep things civil with the cat. A reliable trainer can ascertain that you get assistance that is tailored to match your specific goals.

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