Taking Care Of Poodle Puppies

By Ryan Peterson

There are so many dog breeds out there and you have to agree that poodle is one of the most adorable amongst the bunch. It looks like some stuffed toy because of how unique their appearance is. They have also this fur that makes them look extra fluffy, having just one glance at them would automatically makes you want to look for standard poodle breeder to own one.

They really are energetic kind of dogs even if they are still pups. In addition to that, you would notice how much they can be eager to learn tricks and stuff. At first, you would see them scared and kind of aloof especially if they have not adjusted yet with their new environment. However, if you give them enough time to adjust, they can be the cutest thing you would ever have.

Taking good care of every poodle pup is not so difficult even if its your fist time being a dog parent. But then, you still have to remember several key points that will help you in providing the best welfare for them. Mostly, these key point would sum up their foods, their grooming, exercise, and some trainings they need to go through.

When you say food, you just could not give them anything since they are highly sensitive to that. They could not eat something with corn, wheat and soy in it because that surely would trigger some conditions they are prone of having such as skin irritation and bloat. You have to be very careful with the quality of food you choose for them.

It also is essential to feed them something that has carbohydrates in it so they have enough energy. In addition to that, try as much as possible to avoid products that contains wheat, corn as well as soy. This will trigger some conditions like bloat and skin irritation, these kinds of pups are highly prone to that.

Potty training is also necessary if you want to keep yourself out of trouble every single time. You have one less thing to worry though, poodles are smart, they can get use to this easily. All you need for their training is leash and consistency of doing same routine until they get used to it and they could do it on their own.

It would help if the spot you bring them to is consistent, they will make it a habit to return on that same exact place you always bring them to when they want to poop. Though, taking them out should happen first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, every time they have been done eating and before they sleep.

Then grooming is pretty much the most challenging out of everything since their fur grows so easily and it gets in tangled often. With that, you will need patience to regularly brush their hair to prevent tangles from happening. Their hair also could cover their nose, mouth and ears in no time so it needs constant trimming.

Clean their ears once week and have them taken to a professional groomer regularly for clippings and toenail care. Give them toys to chew and bring them out as often as possible so they can do so much activity to enjoy. They would sure love that, even walking them at least thirty to forty five minutes every day is enough.

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