The Best Ways To Wear 5X Big T Shirts In A Fashionable Way

By Jessica Fox

Wearing an extra large t-shirt can be quite hectic. In most cases, you will find yourself dumping this garment on a pile of old clothes. Nonetheless, this should not be the case especially when you know how best to have it on your body. Remember, these clothes are comfy and flexible to walk around with. For this reason, I find it prudent to highlight the best approach to wear the 5x big t shirts in an appealing manner.

It is advisable that you wear a comfortable outfit when going to sleep. For women, you can transform this t-shirt to a nightgown. If you are not pleased by its length, you may consider trimming it to a more desirable height. This will ensure that you get to put these clothes to good use.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the garment is off the shoulder. The last thing that you want is to have an outfit that makes you look odd. Having said this, you should make an effort to ensure that the cloth is stylish. For instance, you can add a few accessories to make it appealing. Here, you may have a ring or necklace.

Large t-shirts can actually be used as Friday outfits. This is because for most people, on Fridays, they prefer being casual. However, you still need to look fashionable. You may consider putting on a blazer of the top of the t-shirt and put on some jeans. This will make you look decent and stylish.

As the weekend approaches, you may be stranded with finding the best outfit to go out for drinks. For this reason, stylists recommend that you consider putting these garments into use. Basically, you can wear the top and some fancy jeans. These two are bound to complement each other. Moreover, you get to break from the official look into a casual one. This look also goes well with a blazer especially when it is cold.

Furthermore, you should consider wearing the outfit with a pair of shorts. This is often encouraged when you are going for an outdoor event such as team building sessions. Well, you may opt to tack the garment in order to feel comfortable when moving from one place to another. Additionally, you can request a friend to share their input on the style of the outfit.

When it comes to outlook, you are bound to come across dungarees. Most dungarees are designed differently. For instance, you may find dungarees that have different patterns and patches. Having said this, you should ensure that the two complement each other. This will cushion you from embarrassing yourself in public.

Dungarees can also be used to turn this t-shirt to a stylish outfit. Ensure that you analyze the color and pattern design of the dungaree. This is because you would not want it to color crash with the t-shirt. After settling for the best dungaree, ensure that it is well tucked in it. If you realize that the t-shirt is too big, you can consider trimming it. There are very many ways that you can make a t-shirt is more stylish. This article provides guidelines on how to achieve this.

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