The Fundamental Moves Of Brazilian Jiujitsu Oklahoma City

By Raymond Baker

For those who have watched UFC or other martial arts tournaments, they would see that ground game is an essential in winning a fight. The choice of ground game is mostly Brazilian Jiujitsu Oklahoma City or BJJ because this still is the best for handling opponents while lying on the back. For those who are interested in this art, here are a few fundamentals to review before going for official lessons.

In order to become good at BJJ, one must first perfect the default stance of the art which is the guard stance. In the guard stance, one will be lying on his or her back slightly curled up with arms and legs slightly up. This stance is to get one ready for making moves in that position and also for preventing locks being done to him or her.

While this is the default stance that can offer a higher chance of protection, it can still be broken. When the enemy does manage to get into the guard, then techniques to escape the attack are needed. One of which is known as bridging and it is a move that allows one to still maintain a comfortable position and prevent the opponent from getting his or her lock in.

If the opponent is already going into the mount position, it is important to flip him or her away. The best way to do that is to use the hips to try to switch positions. For one to do this, he or she has to first do a bridge, then try to twist the hips, switching places with the opponent.

Another arsenal to try to get out of an attack would be known as shrimping. In this move, one would try to literally assume the position of a shrimp, turning from the guard to a sideways fetus position. The difference is that shrimping involves assuming a sideways position to push the opponent away before he or she can get over.

While these are effective defense moves, there must also be some attack moves to supplement. From the guard, the easiest the most fluid attack to do would be the triangle choke. This move involves putting the head of the opponent in a triangle formed by the legs and tightening the squeeze to make him or her faint.

To do this, grab one of the arms of the enemy and wrap the legs around his or her head. Assume an inverted triangle position with the legs and pull the head down while squeezing the legs. If done correctly, the opponent will either tap out from pain of losing oxygen or eventually pass out.

For those who happen to be interested in taking up this cool art, here are a few basics that one will learn. While there are a lot of other moves that one can add to his or her arsenal, these are some of the basics that have to mastered first. Check them out before applying for lessons to know how they work.

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