Useful Information Regarding Egyptian Mau Kittens For Sale

By Carl Fisher

The Egyptian mau is a special breed of cat that is widely believed to originate in ancient Egypt. Some cat fanciers believe that the breed dates back to Pharaonic era, but it remains to be a matter to be debated. Besides the existence of depictions of the cat on Pharaonic palace walls in Egypt, there is no other evidence that suggests that the cats originated in Egypt. Here are facts regarding Egyptian mau kittens for sale.

The term Mau means cat in the Egyptian language. Despite the fact that this cat was named using a word from Egypt, it is suggested by genetic evidence that this breed might in fact have originated from Europe. The genetic similarities between other European breeds and the Mau suggest strongly that these breed might have come from Europe. However, it is necessary to conduct more investigation on this issue so that the actual origin of the cats can be determined.

As of now, naturally spotted cats are few. As a matter of fact, the only naturally spotted domestic breed of cats is the mau. Bahraini Dilmun from Bahrain is the other naturally spotted breed. All other spotted domestic cats in existence are thought to be descended from the mau cat. There are other spotted cats which result from cross-breeding and they are not counted as naturally spotted.

This cat has a medium-sized body that comes in three approved shades. The three approved shades are smoke, bronze, and silver. Other common shades that one may encounter include blue spotted, blue, blue smoke, blue silver, and black. Cats with these additional shades are not allowed to compete in shows. Only bronze, smoke, and silver are allowed and approved to compete in cat shows.

The eyes of Maus are very large and are set apart. The color of their eyes is gooseberry green. Their heads are normally proportional to their bodies and shaped like a wedge. Usually, their coat is shiny and short. Egyptian Maus have one coat which does not shed. This makes the cats safe for allergic individuals.

These are the fastest domesticated cats. They are known to run at over 30 miles per hour. They can attain such speeds since their bodies are meant for speed. There is a long skin fold underneath their bellies. This skin fold usually stretches when the animal is moving, enabling it to stretch the legs to the fullest extent.

The hind legs are also longer in comparison to front legs and they are very instrumental in gaining speed. Naturally, maus are not very friendly to strangers and other pets. They will appear withdrawn and only warm up to their main owner. They need time and effort to get them to warm up to new people and pets. Constant socialization gets them to become friendly with other pets.

Most cat breeds normally have a period of gestation ranging from 65 to 67 days. On the contrary, the Mau is not the same since they have a much longer gestation period. This breed has an average gestation period of 73 days.

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