Advantages Of Using Slow Feeders For Horses

By Walter Murphy

When it comes to feeding your horses with food, you are required to know the right supplies to give them. Their consumption should be small amounts of fodder over a long time. This is because these animals have complex digestive systems that require them to feed continually. No matter the type of feed you give your equines, you need to do it appropriately. An excellent option to take is utilizing the use of slow feeders for horses to enjoy the advantages highlighted in this article.

The occurrence of stress that is associated with their feeding is common with these animals. As such, equines that go through this stress produce hormones called cortisol. When the hormone is produced in large amounts, it results in increased levels of insulin, making their bodies to store excess fat. This, in turn, leads to obesity. Utilizing this program for feeding is an appropriate way of avoiding your horse becoming obese.

Feeding slowly helps in the prevention of ulcers. This is because it activates the production of saliva. The saliva is an alkaline that buffers the gastric acids produced in the stomach. With the food present in the stomach, the acids cannot reach the walls, and this is the right way of preventing this condition.

For food to be adequately digested, enough time is required. Through this program, this factor is highly appreciated and put into consideration. With proper digestion, cases like constipation will not occur, and the general health of the horse will improve. Continuous feeding is a suitable way of making sure that there is a balance between the harmful and beneficial bacteria inside the stomach of the animal.

Food is the main focus in equines. If the equines feed for a long time, it alleviates boredom, and the equine is unlikely to develop vices. A horse can sleep for not more than twenty minutes at a time. This means that it is awake most of the time. Without food around, it is more likely to develop bad behavior like stall kicking or cribbing due to boredom. Hence, this explains the importance of having these feeders.

The wind can disrupt feeding if it blows away the hay all the time. Furthermore, hay left uncontained can be trampled on such that equines cannot eat it. This will cause a lot of wastage. Hence, having feeders helps in eliminating wastage. This is because the hay is contained all the time.

Since these creatures are animals of prey, they highly depend on their seeing and sound senses to detect their predators. Locking them up for long may, in turn, make them feel unsafe, causing a negative effect on their feeding behavior. Since the feeder is usually placed in open places, these animals feel safe while they are eating. It will also ensure your animals are feeding appropriately, improving their health.

Horses are violent when eating. You may realize that the less dominant equines are avoiding feeding from the same place with the dominant ones. In such a case, putting food in one source is not a good ideal. With slow feeders, you can allocate the hay in different places so that all the animals can eat peacefully. Additionally, you may separate the equines that require special diets and allow feed with the others later.

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