Being A Goldendoodle Parent And How Should It Be

By Karen Brown

Breeders are expanding the breeds of dogs there is so that they can go and create puppies that are highly with the best temperaments. And one of the breeds they have decided to mix in is golden retriever and poodle as both of them have the best and positive traits especially if you want a home dog. And that basically created the goldendoodle breeder.

These breed is basically an offspring of two of the most adorable breed there is. Its the golden retriever and a poodle. Both are highly positive and kind dogs with the best temperament as they are generally sweet and friendly. You also are sure that they are healthy and you can have them for fifteen years or more depending on how you take extra care of them.

Though, caring for them just need several considerations because they really are so active. If you do not attend to them that much like how they need to, they can basically be subjected to some harm and danger which may hurt them on the process. With that, you will have to general be careful to make sure they get the long life they deserve.

These breed basically are one of those which you would find really energetic and curious even as a puppy. Because of that, they could bump on things and surfaces that may be a little too rough and hard for their little bodies so you have to make sure that you puppy proof the house.

Also, try to keep the objects you have in proper places especially those which are too tiny. These pups love to chew stuff and that being said when they see something weird, they will put that on their mouth right away. If its too small, then it could go through their throat and block their breathing which is totally scary and life threatening.

In addition to that, wirings and electrical cord should be kept intact and hidden. With them trying to bite on stuff, you sure would not want an event of electrocution. That is plain horrible. But since your dogs are not aware of the danger, you will have to do the favor for them.

As a dog parent, you have to really ensure that you are giving them all the nutrients they need so they grow and develop according to their age. You could only make sure of that happening if you opt on dog foods and treats which are healthy and good for them. Its even better to choose that one with high protein as they need that for developing muscles and bones.

Then, make sure to groom them to keep them pretty good looking. They need their hair brushed regularly to keep it from tangles and to keep them neat. Try to clean their ears and cut their nails as well so that there is lesser chances of them getting infection out of those dirt they have accumulated.

And the goal is really to make sure they are healthy. One of the best way to achieve that is giving them the time everyday to enjoy and exercise. It will help them a lot in making sure their body is fully developed and is strong enough. Even an hour every day is already a good time for their playtime.

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