Dog Behavioral Issues In Los Angeles CA That Can Be Corrected Through Training

By Jose Smith

Adopting a dog can give you a very rewarding experience. However, you may feel as though the world is caving down on you the instance your furry friend develops certain nasty mannerisms. Certain problems can make it impossible to leave your canine unattended even for a short while. You may also find it challenging to have guests in your home or to even take your pooch for walks in the park. A skilled trainer can provide invaluable help with dog behavioral issues in Los Angeles CA.

There are more than a few concerns that can cause aggression issues. A pooch can become aggressive towards other animals or people and start showing its teeth, barking or growling with the intentions of protecting something such as its food. It remains imperative to get this problem addressed as soon as possible, before you begin dealing with personal injury cases.

It is of dogs nature to prefer rough play over calm games. The instance you notice that your canine is becoming rough; you should not waste time before consulting with a dog behaviorist. This problem often grows into full-blown aggression in no time. If you notice that your canine is playing roughly, freeze on the spot until it calms down. Additional training may be required just to ensure that your canine understands that aggression is not acceptable.

Another nasty behavior you must not condone is jumping on people. If you let your doggy jump on you when you get home, it will not be long before it also starts jumping on your guests and kids. This can be dangerous, especially if your canine is of a huge breed. It can also make it stressful for you to go out on walks.

Stopping the behavior of jumping on people is not easy, though it is possible. Obedience training will make it easier for you and your pooch to effectively communicate and draw a line between what is acceptable and what is not. If your doggy can respond to commands, simply ask it to sit or lie down when it approaches you. Once it has all paws on the ground, offer it a reward for the good manners.

Another behavioral problem that can rob you of your sanity is if your doggy becomes destructive. This could mean anything from chewing your shoes to tearing down your blinds and curtains. If this is happening, you can begin by investing in toys that the canine can play with. You have to buy a variety of them to find out the kind of toys your pooch prefers.

Obedience training has numerous outstanding benefits. What is beyond debate is that trained canines are at lesser risk of developing behavioral issues at any point in their life. In order to effectively learn different concepts use positive reinforcement to help your canine to differentiate acceptable manners from those that cannot be condoned.

Even older dogs make good students for obedience training. It is wrong to assume that you cannot teach old canines new tricks. They have a better attention span and skilled trainers can use this to their advantage. It is much easier to take a trained pooch to the park, vet, groomer and boarding facility.

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