Get In On An Alaska Day Fishing Charter

By Carolyn Brown

When people think of the last frontier in the United States, they often think of the wide open spaces of Alaska. The state has some of the wildest, untouched areas full of animals such as fish that you can catch for food. It also offers breathtaking views of the pristine surrounding lands, which you can take in and photograph between line nibbles. Book an Alaska day fishing charter to get this awesome experience.

If you are a fishing enthusiast and already have your own poles, you are more than welcome to bring them on the trip with you. However, you can also use the lines and tackle that your chosen charter company has available for customers to use. They will generally also take care of bait for you since they already know the best kind to use for the type of fish you wish to catch. Your fishing license, a necessity in Alaska, is usually also taken care of in advance.

One of the most popular types to fish for is halibut. Some locals refer to them as the barndoor of the sea because they can weight well over a hundred pounds, which means you can really fill your freezer with weeks worth of food.

Though you can get halibut all year long, there are specific spots where you are more likely to find them in abundance, which is why it is a good idea to book a charter. Your guide knows the surrounding waters and can take you out by boat to the best spots so you are sure to catch your fill. A half day charter is great, but to really catch a ton, a full day charter is what you should get.

If you want salmon, then Alaska is definitely the place to go. This is the other really popular fish from these waters that everyone wants to fill their freezer with. But unfortunately, they are only available in summer, so you really have to be willing to book for that season.

These trips book up quickly since the season is so short, so you really want to call in advance to secure your spot. To get the best areas, you may have to take what is called a fly-in trip. This is where you get onto a small propeller plane, often one that seats only two or three people, to get to a local spot with a well-stocked waterway. There are less fellow anglers, so less competition from humans.

If you get a charter rather than go fishing by yourself, one of the perks is safety equipment in case you do encounter a bear or other potentially dangerous wildlife. Depending on the season, you may be able to hunt those animals if you are on a combination hunting and fishing trip.

Though polls, bait, and tackle are usually included with most bookings, you will still be expected to have the rest of the needed gear. This means sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and the right clothing that is appropriate for the season. If you show up without the appropriate gear, you can buy it from a local outdoor supply or Army surplus store.

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