Green Bay Walleye Fishing Can Happen On Ice

By James Hughes

In ice fishing, only the strong survive. Give a man fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Give a man religion and he will pray for a fish. In ice angling, it is not over until it is over. Everyone should believe in something. Some people believe in ice angling. An ice fisherman needs to go to very remote places where others cannot go. He can go to Green Bay, Wisconsin and engage in Green Bay Walleye fishing on the ice.

Walleye fishing is amazing. Walleye eating is even better. Once an individual eats walleye fillets, he will be hooked to them for life. These fillets can be prepared using some beer and lemon juice. Slow cooking will make them to taste wonderful. The best walleye fillets are caught on ice. In Green Bay, ice fishing is a popular pastime during the winter. The fisherman will first need to drill a hole of 20 cm.

A chisel will be useful during the drilling exercise. This will need to be used with an auger and a saw. A rectangular hole can be drilled. Alternatively, the hole can be circular. The best auger to use is a power auger. If these tools are not advisable, the angler can use only an axe. However, that will require more energy.

When the temperature is very low, ice angling will be a real challenge. It will reach a point where it will be impossible to fish because of extremely low temperature. The angling rod being used must be small and light. It needs to be used in combination with a small and shinny lure. This will be placed on the hook.

Spear angling can be the case when angling in the ice. This involves drilling a large hole in the ice. Subsequently, fish decoys are deployed. The fisherman will sit in a dark ice shanty that is called a dark house. The angler will peer into the water while carrying a spear that has five or four points.

Ice angling can involve the use of a flasher or a fish finder. A flasher is a type of sonar system. It will offer plenty of information to an angler. It will indicate almost simultaneously the presence of non-fish objects and fish in the water. The flasher will show the bait as a small mark. Learning to use a flasher will involve a learning curve.

The most traditional way of ice angling requires the use of a club in angling. Only a small percentage of ice anglers in America and Canada are still using this method of angling. Most of them have shifted to using more contemporary methods of angling. The angler will strike the ice with a club to paralyze it temporarily.

Most states have an agency that deals with managing natural resources. In Wisconsin, there is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This has a board that is headed by a chairman and a vice chairman. This agency is tasked with managing natural resources in this state. These natural resources include fish, forests, water, soil, climate, and wild animals. Wisconsin is well endowed with resources.

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