Grooming Tips By Chinese Crested Powder Puff Breeders

By Gregory Myers

Pets are great things to have around. As a parent, you have to ensure that your pet looks its best at all times. One of the things you can do is provide it with the best medical and nutritional care. The other thing that most people forget is that their dogs are supposed to be groomed. This piece has amazing grooming tips given by the best Chinese crested powder puff breeders.

Comb your dog's coat. Before you get started, you need to be sure that your dog is ready for shaving. Comb the coat so that you will have an easy time trimming the hair uniformly. There are particular combs meant to help you do this easily. Combing also prepares your dog for the shaving session, and it will calm him down because it will feel petted.

Give its hair the best length. While cutting, you are supposed to have the weather in mind. If you cut too close to the coat during winter, your dog will have a hard time coping with the cold weather. The length of the cut also determines the overall looks of your dog. You must pick a length that favors both comfort and beauty for your dog.

Work carefully and slowly. It is imperative that you do things step by step. When you are about to shave, you must ensure that everything is ready. Stop occasionally to confirm that you are giving it your best attention. If you are not keen on quality, you might end up giving your dog the worst cut ever; you really don't want that.

The sensitive areas should be saved for the last. When you are shaving, there are sensitive areas that might easily get hurt. These include the eyes, ears, and the face of the dog. You want to work on these areas after you are done with the back, and feet. If you work on the sensitive regions without a careful plan, you might hurt your pet.

Be careful around face, ears, and eyes. Additional care should be accorded while shaving the areas around the eyes and ears of your pet. Some hair might jump into the ears and eyes and cause infection. Your dog might also get hurt if you are clumsy when shaving their eyes. Make sure that you calm them down so that they do not move while you do the sensitive parts.

Try to work back to front when shaving its feet. To give its legs the best cut, consider working back to front. This way, you will easily see the regions that you have not cut well. If you work back to front, you will have a hard time giving your pet the best cut since you will not see where you are shaving next.

Pick the best station. Though pets are beautiful to have around, you don't want their hair to go into your food and other parts of the house. Ensure that you pick the best shaving location where you will collect the hair. Once you are done, clean the station and disinfect it.

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