Here Is Information On Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farms

By Ann West

Western Africa is the origin of the Nigerian dwarf goats. The small body size and beautiful marks on the body of the goats makes them very popular. The existence of these goats has a long history. However, their popularity has increased a lot in the recent years. Farmers get several advantages from raising the goats because of their small size. This is what Nigerian dwarf goat farms are all about.

First and foremost, many individuals prefer Nigeria Dwarf goats due to their small size which makes them easy to raise even on small sizes of land. Under the US department of agriculture, this breed is classified as a dairy goat. Many other breeds fall in this category, but those are large in size. Keeping the other larger breeds requires a lot of feed and space.

The small size and gentle nature of this breed makes it safe to handle. These goats are not aggressive by nature like other goats. As such, they can be handled very easily. Even children can be left to handle them without risk of accidents and injuries. Since they are classified under livestock dairy animals, they qualify for youth FFA and 4H projects.

Milk product capability of this breed is another factor that makes them very preferable to many people. Daily milk production can reach two quarts. The milk is also very sweet and highly nutritious. Butterfat content in the milk produced by these goats is one of the highest in the animal kingdom. The milk is also very rich in proteins.

Despite the fact that the goats can produce so much milk in a single day, many farmers who keep them do not do so for the milk. As a fact, many individuals do not milk the goats for commercial purposes of domestic use. Instead, these goats are kept as pets. The animals provide company to their owners that many people love and enjoy.

The breed is genuine and conforms to several standards. The standards which this breed of goats conform to are not any different from those which other larger dairy goats conform to. The first conformation requirement is that the body parts of the goats have to be proportional. The ears should be upright and the nose should be straight. The goats should have a soft coat with hair that grows to short or medium length.

These goats come in any color or combination of colors and it is acceptable according to conformation standards. The ideal height is 17 to 19 inches for the females. The males should reach a height of between 19 and 21 inches. Although rare, it is acceptable for the females to reach 21 inches while males can reach 23 inches.

Seventy-five pounds is the ideal weight for the goats. Presence of certain deformities or having too much weight can make animals to be disqualified from shows. Having pendulous ears, Roman nose, or curly coats are some of the deformities that can lead to disqualification. One should be accompanied by an expert when going to buy these goats so as to ensure that they conform to standards. Else, the farmer should provide registration papers for the animals they are selling for verification.

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