Loosing Does Not Mean Giving Up

By Ryan Davis

Life is only a journey, normally there are obstacles we need to overcome in order to reach our destination. In some point of our lives we face problems and disappointments that made us question that Almighty. Its only right to get frustrated, no one in this cruel world had never suffer the same thing as you.

We are all afraid of changes, yet we seek for it all the time. If a certain thing is no longer entertaining, we tend to find another. But we are afraid that if we do so, there are possibilities that the second one could fail. That is what actually the problem is, we all never want failures.

Life is only a game, and it is up to you on how are you going to play it. Being a game, it is normal to loose, of course we are not destined to win all the time. We need to accept the reality that in the wheel of life, you may be on the top or maybe at the bottom. In either case, such is not yet the end of the world.

To retreat is not tantamount to giving up, nor giving up to losing. You may encounter a situation where you can no longer carry the burden. Do not worry my friend, it is fine to pause for a bit. God has a better plan for you. You just have to believe and pray for a better outcome the next time you do it again.

We need to understand the principle of life that nothing is impossible if hard work and dedication is used. During the middle of this game, sacrifices may be asked from you. Such sacrifice may involve sweat or even blood. But that is totally fine because they are actually the product of hard work. And the same usually results to success.

Without a doubt, talent is indeed an edge for some individual. But talent alone is not sufficient when you wanted to win. It should be coupled with hard work and faith. In order for you to win, doing you best is not enough, but doing the best that you can even when you can no longer raise your foot, that is more than enough.

If you do not want to suffer pain, please do not expect for any gain. In fact, the more pain you felt, means more pleasure you will have eventually. In other words, if you are aiming to be the best means a lot of pains and sacrifices. But no one would care about that, people only see the result.

The will of a person differs depending on its environment. Sometimes, we need the support of our family and those people we value the most for us to gain confidence. There are also persons who do not want their family to get involved. These people enjoy being alone because for them, independence is a sign of maturity.

In any case, when life appears to be easy we tend to multiply, but when it appears to be too difficult we work hard in order to survive. Such premise is absolutely precise in any situation. We have to accept that if we do not play the game very well, chances is that we are the one to lose.

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