Needed Information Before Buying That Shih Tzu For Sale Tampa FL

By Douglas Gibson

Currently you may be on this article right now since you are in the market for a new pet, or even a replacement one. Some of your friends have suggested you get small dog and they have suggested a shih tzu. This sound like a good idea and since you saw a Shih tzu for sale Tampa Fl sign earlier, you might take them up on the suggestion. Before you do so however, it may be a good idea to read up on this article first.

Classified as a small toy breed, the shih tzu is also known as the Chrysanthemum dog. It originally hails from Tibet and later on brought to China, but many today still mistakenly believe that it is from China originally. Upon reaching adulthood it will weigh around ten to nineteen pounds, and it will reach a length of up to eleven inches for males and nine inches for females.

The dog has a pug like appearance having big eyes and short muzzle. In addition it will have two different coat types depending on what you get. One will have silky long fur while the other will have coarse and wavy fur. Regardless of these coat types, the fur is likewise prone to extreme matting and needs daily brushing or combing.

Should you manage to get a dog that has the wavy and coarse kind of coat, it may be best to get the shortest haircut possible for it. Princess type haircuts should be given to the ones with the long fine hair, while teddy bear haircuts be given to those with the coarser coats.

The past decade saw an increased popularity and demand for it so much so that over breeding has somewhat occurred. It is quite possible that many shih tzu owners may actually give a puppy away for free. In a normal market do expect to pay a few hundred dollars for one however, and a bit more it has champion bloodlines. Thus it really depends on where you are in the world as to what kind of price you can get for one.

This particular breed is known to be very protective of its master and will bark and such when it senses something is not quite right. It is also known to be quite loyal and affectionate and will get along with most people and also other animals. It can get annoyed quite easily if teased too much so this kind of action must be avoided, as it will fight back.

The health of this breed can be described as hardy and quite resilient. However, it is kind of prone to skin conditions such as skin asthma and so extra care must be taken in terms of grooming and skin health. In age it will develop cataracts and reverse sneezing at night time. Quite the hungry dog, it can be seen as a glutton and so you should watch its intake and nutrition.

The foregoing has shown some pertinent information to aid and guide you if you indeed decide to go with this breed. Always remember to do due diligence in your research and information gathering so that you can always arrive at a solid and informed decision.

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