Reasons Of Current Events Jerks Bosses Politics

By Edward Olson

World leaders, local and regional politicians, pharmaceutical representatives and others are acting like bad behaved children in many regards. The boorish and childish behaviors displayed by these individuals is anything less than professional and can at times be dangerous. As a result, Current Events Jerks Bosses Politics are just a few topics Bob Stafford, a professor at Stanford University has taken on in a recently released publication and Forbes interview.

Bob Sutton, a professor at the Stanford School of Business has created somewhat of a home grown cottage industry after having become an expert on these actions and issues. For, the first book published by Sutton, The No Asshole Rule became a best seller. Whereas, a new publication recently released by the professor, The Asshole Survivor Guide will most likely see the same success in the future.

In marketing the release, Bob provided an in-depth interview to Jessica Pressler of New York Magazine. The interview includes tricks from treating the nastiness from those rambling on with such negativity to keep from getting under the skin of individuals. Although, one of the most useful sections of the book might very well be the question as to why now is there such a plethora of assholes in society whether in places of power or otherwise.

According to the author, while the answer involves a rather lengthy explanation, the reasons are somewhat clear. The first, the rhetoric coming from Trump and the White House being spewed on social media such as the insult laden tweets which have appeared on Twitter on a regular basis. Whereas, the author also provides the definition of asshole as being any individual who leaves another feeling demeaned, de-energized or disrespected, which regardless of party affiliation, President Trump has achieved at one time or another since taking office.

As an aside, Sutton also suggest that politics is for the most part, everybody calling everybody else assholes. Whereas, that nasty behaviors often breeds and spreads much more quickly than nicer behaviors. In other words, the current president's onslaught insult-laden rallies and tweets are doing absolutely nothing to improve America or the national conversation.

Inequality is another area Sutton believes has had a major effect in relation to the bitter nastiness now going on in the country. In addition, the massive economic gap between rich and poor has only grown wider over the last few decades. As such, there is now a much larger imbalance between the have and the have nots which the country has not seen since the Great Depression.

When it comes to technology, like with all aspects of life, there are pros and cons. For, the anonymity of online interaction has the power to turn people, even those whom have been friends for years into vicious trolls. Whereas, research has also shown that new advances in technology has increased the asshole problem. In large part, due to the fact that people are more likely to mean when having no eye contact.

While the books focus on these issues, Sutton and others still hope that people can find a way to become nicer to one another. For, only when that reality takes place will there even be a possibility for peace whether on a local, regional or national level. A goal which can be achieved simply by becoming the best citizens possible and voting based on conscience rather than peer pressure while working to make the country a better and nicer place.

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