Reasons Why Attack On BC Liberal Farmers Must Stop

By Donna Adams

Agricultural land is the source of livelihood for many rural communities in most countries in the world. Therefore, introducing draconian laws that come in the form of Bill 15, which intends to take away the pieces of land that belong to BC liberal farmers is not only dictatorial but also inhuman. This article will outline the importance of agriculture to any community and the reasons why agricultural land must be preserved.

Farming is what creates food security. The fight against any farmers would mean that the society will, at one point lack food or have insufficient to provide for the people. That will happen in the event the government does not stop the encroachment on the agricultural land own by these farmers.

To add on the above, human rights indicate that every human being has a right to live a modest life. Therefore, when these framers are robbed of what belongs to them and their only sources of livelihood, it means that their rights are disregarded. That is how to make a society poor and perpetually depended on human aids like relief foods. That will be heart breaking, especially when the same people had their own pieces of land which were taken by private developers.

The struggle between the poor and the rich is not developmental. Creation of social classes impacts on the way people begin to look at each other, with the rich believing to be superior or even demigods while the poor live like slaves. Any nation or society that is bedevilled with this phenomenon will only retrogress, eventually leading to an uprising, especially by the poor majority against the rich minority. This will happen if the attack on farmers does not stop.

Among the many functions of any government is the protection of the weak against the strong in the society. Every government has the mandate to ensure that each and every person feels safe and protected. However, if the same government becomes an agent of oppression, people will stop trusting it, and that can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Besides, the subjects will be demotivated, causing a rising in the poverty levels.

Besides, what the people behind this attack are doing is simply oppressing the weak. Now, when this happens, philosophy will show reason why oppression is not good. As human beings, it must be noted that any form of dehumanization reduces humanness. People become what is known as lesser humans, and that should not be encouraged because it is a basal act that only belongs to the wild, basal animals.

There ought to be ownership by the people if the government wants to start a project that is intended to help them. Any project, no matter how good, will fail if the people are not involved from the start. Imposing projects on people is the reason why societies rebel against governments.

The development is good, but it must also have a human face. What this means is that people should not suffer just because some developmental project has been brought to them. This is the case of the private developers against the farmers, which must be changed in time to avoid future adverse repercussions.

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