The Different Uses Of Three Dimensional Sonograms

By Barbara Bennett

Modern medicine has made it possible for health providers to provide accurate interpretations and proper treatment for various illnesses and diseases. One such example is a three dimensional ultrasound which utilizes sound waves to create a near accurate image. Here are the circumstances on when you should get a 3D sonogram Dallas TX.

Most persons are aware of what an ultrasound entails. In most cases, this generally refers to a process where technicians place a device over or insert it inside the body to make an image. This is done through waves which reflect internal tissues and other surrounding structures which is then interpreted on a connected machine.

The most common option is a two dimensional sonogram although modern technology has made it possible for three and even four dimensional options to become possible. The latter is considered one of the newest options which are only available at a few centers. Nevertheless, the three dimensional type is slowly gaining popularity and is considered a great option.

In this type, images are formed by sound waves which bounce off from different angles of internal tissues. This creates a more in depth image which allows one to understand the image better while also inspecting new details that are not available in the traditional method. Like the classic type, this option has the same risk factors although it is still generally considered safe.

Certain medical conditions and the like may require using this three dimensional option. One of which is for pregnant mothers to check the overall progress of their growing babies. Unlike the traditional feature, this option creates a more vivid picture that makes it easier for an individual to identify the features and potential medical conditions the baby may have.

Another is for the circulatory system. Women are the not only ones who can benefit from this procedure. Regardless of your sex and age, persons with circulatory issues may make use of this procedure since it allows doctors to see the function of the heart and blood vessels closely. This prevents a misdiagnosis which may be a fatal mistake.

Next is for surgical purposes. Persons who are scheduled to go under the knife may need to undergo a screening process so surgeons can get an accurate location of where to operate. Unfortunately, traditional screening techniques do not always provide a precise visualization which makes it hard for one to work with. Fortunately, newer sonogram types render clearer and more defined images that ensure a successful procedure.

Aside from locating the operating area, this diagnostic method can be used for regional anesthetic purposes which are another important element in most surgical procedures. For instance, real time 3D rendering makes it easier for one to identify the different muscles and nerves near the anesthetic site. This allows the health care provider to perform a safer operation since they will be able to visualize where the needle is at all times.

These are just some uses that one can expect with this device. While the risks of said equipment are relatively low, experts suggest that one should be mindful of when they should schedule for a screening should they have any sensitive conditions. For instance, mothers who wish to have a photo may be able to get this ultrasound type when their child is at least twenty six weeks old to reduce fetal risks.

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