Tips For Selecting The Best Litter Box

By Jose Taylor

When you own a cat you will quickly find that providing it a place to do its business is pretty important. If they can't find a clean litter box to use, they will simply pick another spot in your home. Some need it cleaned daily, others will be sensitive to the smell, and even more, may kick and spray the material outside the box. Their personality and method will be a big part of this decision.

Do I need more than one? Usually, the answer is yes. Count how many cats you have and add one. This will make sure you have enough for them all and one extra that will be clean and give you a chance to clean the others without worrying they'll give up on using them.

Small boxes won't work well for long. Kittens won't care how big the box is, but a larger cat will not use one that is too small. They should not fill up the whole space when they want to go. Cats are generally clean animals and do not like having to step on their previous mess in order to go again. This will be enough reason for them to find another place to go.

The sides should be tall enough to keep sprayers and kickers from making a mess. Three of the sides should be fairly tall if your cat is not good at keeping things in the spot. The front should be low enough that they can get in and out. This will keep all the materials inside and let them be wild about their business without getting it all over the floor.

Covered boxes need to be cleaned every day. It is nice to have it covered to help keep the smell down and hide the mess. The problem is that it will trap the smell and cause the animal to get sick or be irritated. A covered box needs to be cleaned at least once per day to prevent this from happening.

The self-cleaning boxes are not always the best choice. If it starts up while the cat is using it, it will scare the animal. Make sure to get one that knows when the cat is in it and won't start up. Even though it is convenient, you still need to check their feces from time to time to make sure they are healthy.

Aging animals need a bit more assistance. If your cat is older and has trouble getting in and out of the box, you may need to make a little ramp or find a lower entrance. They can't jump or climb anymore and need the extra help getting being able to get in without straining.

There are lots of great reasons to own a cat. With those benefits, there are responsibilities, including providing them with a clean place to do their business. Having the right style will prevent messes and keep them happy and healthy.

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