To Find Trolling Motors Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Janet Mitchell

A motor designed for trolling is still a motor only that it is designed to be small and self-contained. It comes with an electric motor, controls, and a propeller. The three components make a self-contained unit that is usually attached to the watercraft. The motor is mostly used for fishing. This invention was made at the advent of the century and since then, millions of these products have been produced and sold worldwide.Here are facts regarding trolling motors.

Some people use kickers or small 1 to 2 horsepower gas outboards for trolling, but they are not appropriate for fishing activities. This is because they produce too much noise that ends up scaring fish away. That is why most people are shifting to using electric motors designed for trolling. These ones deliver an adequate thrust to the watercraft, while being very silent in their performance.

It is more advantageous to use an electric motor than a motor that is powered using gasoline. For instance, this device is designed to be reliable and simple. Small watercraft can use the device as the primary motor. Larger watercraft on the other hand can use it as secondary motor. The power they deliver is sufficient for many activities that can be carried out on small vessels.

Deep cycle or marine batteries are used to power the machine. Thick copper battery cables link the motor to the battery and connect through a switch to facilitate application of current to the speed coil. The cables then go through a shaft within the motor. The drive or armature shaft and the mounted propeller are joined by speed coils. Once electric power runs through the speed coils, the propeller spins underneath the water and moves the watercraft.

There are many factors that determine how much thrust or power the motor generates. Some of these factors include the size of speed coil and the level of resistance in the system. However, it is important to note that more thrust does not translate into more speed. More thrust implies that the motor is capable of pushing a bigger or heavier boat. Horsepower and thrust are not correlated in any way.

Thrust of various magnitudes can be generated by these devices. However, the devices are not designed to achieve more speed. They are only made to make boats troll. An outboard motor of the desired horsepower can be installed if one wants to increase the speed of the boat.

The market has specialty motors that are meant for specific applications. Thrust can range from 18 to 112 pounds or more. The type of battery setup used in the vessel will depend on the amount of thrust the motor is capable of generating. Products that generate lower thrust mostly use a 12V battery while bigger products require up to three 12V batteries.

One aspect that is used to characterize these products is the mount type they use. There are two main types of mounts, that is, transom and bow mounts. In transom mount, the motor is mounted to the rear of the watercraft. The control head is attached to a shaft made of stainless steel or fiberglass.

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