Top Rated Appeals Attorney Naples Florida Explains The Criminal Appeal Process

By Cynthia Jackson

Filing an appeal may be necessary if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. Whether the courts will hear your plea and change your sentencing will highly depend on the facts you present and even the quality of legal representation you invest in. Hiring a skilled lawyer will leave you with the best chances of getting desirable results. During the hunt for the right appeals attorney Naples Florida is a good place to base initial research.

Anyone who is convicted of a crime is qualified to file an appeal. It pays to understand that you will have a small window for appealing and this means that you need to begin the process as early as possible. Your petition will be considered by the courts within 6-9 months, though this period may be longer when dealing with a complex case.

There are various possible outcomes of filing an appeal. First, the courts could find it best to uphold your sentencing if reversible errors are not seen. In this case, you can forward the case to the Supreme Court if you still feel that your judgment was unfair. Another possible outcome is that your conviction could be reversed. This may happen if new evidence is presented or the old evidence used to convict you is deemed irrelevant. In this case, you would be scheduled for another trial.

Your situation is not as hopeless as it may seem and it pays to consult with a skilled expert before you give up on attempting an appeal. The criminal law systems are complicated and you should not underestimate the importance of hiring an attorney to represent you. The right expert will enhance your odds of getting an outcome that is worth writing home about.

Unfortunately, your petition will not be considered overnight. The process involved can be lengthy and merely preparing the needed records for the courts can take a year or so. Additionally, the appellate courts will require more time to determine whether your case needs reviewing or not. Usually, one cannot appeal if he or she entered a guilty plea.

Withdrawing a guilty plea is in most cases not possible. In very rare circumstances do the courts allow a convict to seek a plea withdrawal on appeal. For example, the courts may decide to hear you out, if you claim that your lawyer offered improper advice. In this case, your best chance of getting a desirable outcome is to work with a skilled attorney.

A competent specialist can offer you priceless assistance throughout the appeals process. He or she will present legal arguments that have the power to chance the views of the judges and make things work in your favor. Most importantly, your lawyer will deal with the necessary paperwork and ensure that court protocols are adhered to.

You will need to do some serious detective work for you to find an appeals attorney you can depend on. Make sure you focus on finding a specialist you can trust with your case and with your life. Consider the experience levels of various criminal lawyers and also take note of their records of accomplishment.

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