Understanding The Belt System For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Plano

By Virginia Mitchell

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu progression belts are held in high regard. In BJJ rank promotions do not just happen and there are strict practical requirements that must be met before you can move from rank to rank. Unless you want to visit a store and reward yourself with a meaningless belt, there is some heavy lifting you will be expected to do. If you want to sign up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Plano has a decent number of top rated instructors to offer.

The white belt is known as the empty cup and this is what you will be offered as a beginner. You shall get to keep this belt for as long as you are in the process of understanding the basics of BJJ. You can think of this form of martial arts as a puzzle you are starting to put together. Before you can move from the white belt stage, you should have created the boarders and the edges.

Nothing much is expected from beginners and as long as you get to master the fundamentals, your picture will eventually get perfectly pieced together. Any skilled instructor will tell you for free that in order to learn and thrive, it will be necessary for you to have total control of your ego. Get in shape and let your body adapt to the demands of your training program.

The next belt you can earn is the blue belt. This is where students get to focus mainly on defense. Unfortunately, it is easy to get stuck on this rank because it is not easy to master how to swiftly pass the guard. In order to effectively prepare for your guests, you may find it necessary to practice, by getting involved in actual fighting competitions.

Once you earn your purple belt, you will notice more respect from your instructor and peers. This belt indicates that you have an all rounded BJJ skill set. Your skill level will have advanced and you will now focus on movement as well as momentum. Your instructor will help you master how to use, generate and redirect momentum to ensure certain objectives are achieved. This means that you have to grow past making wasted movements.

To get past the purple belt, you must go back to the basics and work on your weaknesses. You also need to pay more attention to your guard positions and polish your ability to use a combination of techniques. With a skilled trainer on your side, it should not be long before you qualify for the brown belt.

There is more freedom when holding the brown belt and your instructor will help you forge a personal style and grow from a master of defense techniques to a master of attacks. Once you own a black belt, you will now master reflection, instinct and transcending techniques. After refining movements you have learned over the course of training, you will be ready for your red belt.

There are numerous physical and mental perks of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you feel ready to get started on the BJJ journey, the first thing you must do is to find a reliable trainer. The right expert will ensure you steadily grow in both skills and confidence levels.

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