Virginia Festivals To Consider Attending

By Douglas Jackson

There is a good chance that you are reading this article right now because you are consider of taking a vacation south very soon. You are curious about Virginia festivals are being celebrated throughout and so you want to plan accordingly. If this indeed be true in your case, then do read on for more information. The following article suggests some festivals that may or may not meet your taste, but anyway do have a read anyways, and judge accordingly.

The festivals in Virginia are quite varied and plentiful. You can basically categorize them as either being culture related, food related and general purpose festivals where it is a mix of everything. Some last as short as one day and others several days or more. In sum though, there should be something for everyone if one just looks.

A first notable festival that tourists should consider is the Daffodil Festival held sometime in the last weekend of May. It is usually a springtime event and celebrates the spring. Activities include live music, parades, dog shows, and even a 5k fun run marathon. It also provides sales of plants and bulbs and great barbecue and seafood as well. This festival is in Gloucester County.

If shopping is more your thing, then you can also enjoy Frostfest which is held every February in Richmond. It is claimed to be the largest indoor flea market and so expect a lot of sellers. Plenty of visitors do attend to avail of the many good discounts available on electronic items, and other things that will meet your fancy.

Lovers of chocolate will definitely be interested in the Chocolate Lovers Festival held in Fairfax scheduled in months of the first half of the year. The festival celebrates everything chocolate, from taste tests, cooking competitions, and much more. It may be a good time to indulge your sweet tooth by attending.

A one day event called the Chincoteague Oyster Festival is held once a year in October. This is a city chamber of commerce sponsored event and is a family friendly affair. It features an all you can eat buffet of hot dogs, oysters, steamed crabs, clam chowder and many more. Local vendors of local crafts also attend alongside vendor booth contests and such. Good food and live music all add to the festive mood while you attend.

If you want to finish off your Christmas gift list at one go, then visit the Bizarre Bazaar Christmas Show in Richmond in December. This festival features 500 local vendors and entrepreneurs all selling Christmas themed goods and the like. They also have special activities during this event but you may have to buy advance tickets.

In sum these are the most notable events and festivals in Virginia, but not necessarily the only ones. Further research should net you more result which you can choose from if the ones in this article does not suffice. In any case, to have a really good vacation, it is always best to keep all bases covered and all your options open by researching on all the information you need beforehand.

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