Working As A Location Sound Recordist

By Thomas Patterson

When creating content, there are various aspects that individuals focus on. These include the audio, video and the information being put across. Different folks are tasked with handling these areas depending on where their skills lie. The paragraphs that follow highlight some of the work that a Location Sound Recordist is expected to carry out.

Learn about what the task before them entails. This is through speaking to the director or whoever is in charge of operations. Once these folks tell them about what they expect, they can focus their work according to these expectations. The sound technicians will constantly talk to the folks being recorded to ensure that they help them capture what is needed.

Carry all the necessary equipment at all times. Experts called to work at a given location are in charge of ensuring they have all the tools necessary. They need to assess all that is available to them before any shoot. If they have everything they need, they should pack the items properly so that they do not forget anything important and to prevent any damage.

Identify the best way to position the devices in the selected environment before work begins. There is no particular way to do this because the areas that these technicians work in are different. They have to evaluate these spaces to decide on what will work best for them. Trying out different spots is necessary before identifying that which is the perfect fit.

Carry out repair and maintenance of the tools in use. During certain sessions, the technicians may notice that their equipment is faulty and therefore, ineffective. Those who are skilled enough can assess the problem area and fix the issue. If the problem is beyond them, they need to identify skilled persons to fix the items. They need to do this promptly so that their devices are ready for use whenever they have work.

Listen to the recording as it is taking place. There are often various distractions on set. Even the smallest sound can cause the devices to pick up what was not intended on. Individuals who identify problems that they cannot ignore will ask for a repeat of the activities that were taking place. This will help them eliminate the unwanted sounds in the first recording.

Sync the audio captured to the video content. This requires experts to be thorough during the editing process. They have to keep watching and listening to what they have created to ensure that it is as perfect as possible. Failure to this the audience that the content is meant for is likely to miss out on important information.

Identify the right format to save the content. There is a lot of work that takes place after the first recording. This is to make sure that the output is good enough. It is likely for the information captured to get lost or damaged before it is shared with the desired audience. Gathering the team again to repeat the same work is not easy. It is, therefore, necessary to create backups of this information in good time so that there are always other options to work with during such times.

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