Advantages Of Owning Loafing Sheds

By Christine Miller

On the farm, you are very likely to find a lot of structures. One that is on every farm is a shed. These can either be temporary or permanent depending on what they are used for. Most permanent sheds are used to store the farm equipment and supply. There are sheds made specifically for farm animals such as horses. These are usually known as loafing sheds.

Everyone likes clean animals. You would not want to ride a horse covered in their waste. To do this, you not only have to wash the horse but the shed they sleep in too. Animal hygiene is very important and not as difficult as one may presume. The sheds need cleaning periodically, which may actually be done by a tractor to ease the workload.

It is best if the sheds are open to the horses all the time. This means that they can always choose when to go out and when to come back. As human beings, we tend to control a lot of what our farm animals do which is not highly advisable. A little freedom does them good. So, the horse should be able to come and go as they like but of course not in the night.

Being able to breathe in fresh air is one of the greatest feelings there is. The horses too will need fresh air. This is why you will find that in the stalls, the heads and the necks of the horses are left a little exposed and the main doors are always open. This allows for the circulation of fresh air. This way the horses are not only comfortable but are also not overexerting their respiratory systems.

The chances of everything being lost in the fire is really low. This is because, for one, the place has enough ventilation and therefore purification of air is constant. Another thing, in case of a fire outbreak, the horses will be able to save themselves. This is because the shed stalls are left pen for the horses to move around a lot freer.

Sheds are not very expensive to construct. This is for one because they are made out of wood which should be easily accessible to a farmer. The workforce required to put the shed together is very minimal and may need up to a day to put up, depending on the size. This means that the amount of money will be a lot less than say, purchasing a combined harvester.

In the summer, we usually keep the windows open, the fans running and the air-conditioning unit at just the right degree. The sun may strike while the horses are on the field and too much heat to the skin may be unhealthy. To protect them from too much heat you may consider buying a shed kit that is easy to assemble for the horse on a hot day.

A healthy horse is a happy horse. Having a shed is a way of protecting them from parasites. This is because they will be away from the heat which usually causes flies like deer flies and horse flies to bite on their skin. The bites can be irritable and once they bleed a lot more flies flock in.

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