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By Betty Graham

The inquisitive nature of man cannot be overestimated. This creature of skin and bones always has the knack of asking question with regard to the surrounding and occurrences in other areas. Never is this creature satisfied when answers are not to be found. Knowing events in and around the environment is a major concern for various reasons. Somehow in a way it helps the creature in deciding what course of action to take based on this knowledge. It is what people call news. People living in the Middle East listen to broadcasts from the Daily Arab News.

In ancient times the flow was information was very slow and this was often done by mouth. Events in other places took a very long time before it reached other places. Runners were dispatched to other places to get stories of what was happening in other areas. Imagine the physical toll it took on the body of runners just to get it.

The domestication of the horse gave impetus the way of knowing what took place in other localities. The horse speed multiplied that of a man. It could cover huge distances in a shorter time. This made it possible for people to send it together the rider to several places in a given span of time. Even though the use of horse made travel shorter, information was still given through mouth.

The spreading of stories by word of mouth is always fraught with inaccuracies. Things that really did happen not be intentionally or unintentionally added and things that did not really happen may be included as though it happened. The accurate description of an occurrence depends heavily on the perspective of carriers and the days of old as it is today. The sole medium is man.

The Nile River is the lifeblood of many nations in the African continent. Along its banks grew papyri. This was the first writing surface of the creature that inhabits the earth, man. As soon as the it became skilled in writing, it began to capture events in writing to be shared to others and for record keeping. Leather also came into use as this lasted longer.

Through the years pulp from wood was converted to paper as is known today. This was made from wood that was plenty as compared to papyrus. Through this more durable medium events were written and spread. This medium, together with man on horseback aided in the dissemination of stories of events to recipients from near and afar.

Texts were written by hand then as is still today in most cases. Reproducing written word was done by hand. Copies had to be rewritten manually. This process was very tiresome. It also required many warm bodies. Still this assisted in spreading of event stories from the north, east, west, and south.

It was in the renaissance period that a man invented the printing press. This was a contraption that made use of wooden blocks carved with letters and arranged to form words. This was dipped or smeared with ink and brought into contact with paper. The transfer method made it possible to print group of words over and over again with less effort. This gave birth to newspapers.

Today news can be gathered or heard in a variety of ways as technology advanced through the years. Telegraphy and telephony were once used during the early nineteen hundreds but today modern man has many means available. Radio broadcasts are heard daily. Network television provides news daily and the latest technology using computers and the internet has made the world a very small place indeed.

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