How To Identify Italian Greyhound Puppies

By Donna West

When looking for a puppy to buy, it is paramount to find out the features of the animal first. Therefore, you should search for information that will tell you more about the animal. This is important because you will have an idea of the breed you are about to buy. Know the features and health risks of the animals before you buy any puppy. When you are aware of the kind of animal you wish to buy, it will be easier for you to find a good quality animal. If you are interested in the Italian greyhound puppies, below are some of the things you should know about the breed.

This puppy has an Italian origin. It used to be a companion of the noblewomen. The lapdog loved to hunt and run around. The animal is still an active dog that loves to hunt small game. It is speedy, and its athleticism is usually showcased in many show tings. The pup is also obedient.

This speedy animal is agile and has a muscular body. It has retained its hunting instincts over the years. It thus chases anything that moves. The animal can run as fast as twenty-five miles per hour. Therefore, if the IG gets loose, it will be very difficult to catch. The animal is energetic and needs to be exercised often. This pet can thus be an excellent jogging partner. You can jog with it every morning to exercise it.

The IG has a gentle personality. It is thus loving and affectionate to its family members. It is, however, shy and reserved in front of strangers. The breed has a mild nature but can be a good watchdog. However, it cannot offer actual protection because of its small size. Training this animal is easy because it is intelligent. However, while training it, you must keep it interested. House-training the pup is however difficult.

The animal can become restful for a while. Thus, once it is tired, you will find it lying close to its owners. Nevertheless, the pet will soon be on its feet because being calm is not its nature. This breed also possesses some cat-like features due to its love of high places.

During warm sunny weather, you will find the animal sunbathing outside. This is one of the things that animals love doing. This is because they do not like being cold or wet. The animals thus look for warm places to stay and sleep. When lonely, they become aggressive to seek for attention.

The pets have a good personality. They are loving, affectionate, charming, and possessive. They love people and become good companions for their owners. However, people that decide to buy this breed should exercise them frequently. Also, they must provide the puppies with the attention they need.

The IG breed is generally healthy. This means that they rarely become sick. However, the puppies are not immune to diseases. When they fall ill, owners can notice quickly due to reduced activity. When buying the animals, make sure that the breeder hands you the health records of the animal.

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