Packing List For Booking Kenai River Charters

By James Olson

If you are looking for a fully equipped guide service to provide you with the best fishing experience, do your research first. Select a provider that has been operating for several years. An experienced company will give you the best experience, fun as well as safety. Booking Kenai River Charters will provide you with a lifetime experience. You will have a chance to sail on the famous waters located in South-central Alaska. You can visit several fisheries, and take part in other fun activities. If you want to select this service, you should know the things to carry during the trip. Below is a packing list of the essential items you should bring.

The weather in Alaska can be very unpredictable. Therefore, ensure you wear clothes that are suitable for the current weather. Also, carry extra clothes and ensure you pack warm clothes as well. Even if it is hot in the morning, bring a raincoat because the weather might change in the afternoon or evening.

If the River charter company provides visitors with waders, you may not need to pack them. Usually, anglers are provided with hip as well as chest waders. If you paddle on the upper Kenai, you will be able to catch trout or sockeye. Hence, it is imperative to have waders for fishing. You can still come with personal waders if you wish. Nevertheless, avoid felt-soled waders as they are prohibited.

Whether you are fishing or you are relaxing at the lodge, you should carry appropriate shoes. Ensure that the shoes are comfortable and lightweight. They should also be waterproof to keep you dry. Look for suitable, moderately priced boots. Having comfortable footwear is essential to making the trip comfortable. If you buy large or tight-fitting shoes, you may not feel comfortable during the journey.

Consider packing a comfortable pair of shorts if you are traveling during sunny weather. Look for good quality jean shorts that fit you well. Also, buy lightweight long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. If you are traveling during cold weather, look for wool sweaters because they have extra layers to keep you warm. Pack warm socks, gloves, and a hat for extra warmth.

The boat you rent will have enough room to store your items. Your belongings will thus be protected from water. If you carry items such as cameras and other electrical gadgets, consider buying a dry box or a small dry bag. This will ensure that the items have extra protection from the water.

You should also consider carrying an insect repellent to keep the bugs away. You are likely to travel to areas that have many insects, including mosquitoes. To avoid contracting malaria and other infections or allergies caused by insect bites, ensure you carry a bug spray. You can also consider packing pumps and creams because they are more environmentally friendly.

Make sure you also carry a water bottle. The charter company you choose will provide you with a hydration pack or water bottle. Carry your own water as well so that you can keep yourself hydrated during the adventure. Water is essential during the trip.

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