Reliable Sources Of Classic Violin And Cello Duets

By Daniel Gibson

A well written duet has a magical effect in the ears of listeners and the fingers of instrumentalists. There are very few violin and cello duets worth talking about. When you find a good one, you will even appreciate your skills. Unfortunately, these pieces are not easy to find. How can you find the best pieces for practice or performance?

Identify a composer with a reputation for producing excellent duet pieces. A duet is a unique piece that many composers have not mastered. Read through books or ask among peers about top composers in the industry. Good composers have several pieces that you can use for whichever purpose. Their works will never disappoint.

Have you identified a specific musical piece that you would like to perform? The piece may have been mentioned in class or you heard other people practicing. This makes it easier to find it because a title already exists. Going to websites or books and searching a specific title is therefore easier and faster. Peers and mates will also find it easier to help.

Talk to your peers about a musical score that you are looking for. Some are practicing with these pieces or have come across a piece you might use. There are peers with a repository from where you can get a few musical sheets. Friends are reliable because they understand the passion you have for these instruments. They also know your skill level and will recommend the best pieces for you. They challenge you to improve on your skills by providing better quality pieces. Their encouragement is crucial in attaining a higher level of mastery.

Orchestras and music schools have repositories that you can use. There is a high volume of musical pieces by these institutions. Some even play the pieces during events. From the videos and audios they upload, you can choose a captivating piece. Compare their execution of the piece and find a reason to enhance your skills.

Check websites that accompany their music scores with audios. This gives you a chance to listen to the audio before downloading. You are sure of the music you are downloading and do not have to wait for performance to know how it will sound. The audios must be expertly prepared and accurate. You will need these audios to gauge your performance. If your performance does not tally with that of the recorded audio, you will have a reason to revise your practice sessions.

Check reviews of different composers and musical pieces. These reviews should be by violinists and cellists. This means that they have had a real encounter with the piece and can either recommend it or discourage you from picking it. Reviews save you the time you would have spent sampling different pieces and composers. You will be sure of the piece you are picking.

The type of musical pieces you choose for practice will define your expertise. Choose pieces that are professionally done and within your skill level. They should also be appropriate for your occasion. You might want to consult your mentor or trainer before using a particular piece.

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