To Find Ragdoll Kittens Georgia Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Patricia Green

A lot of people show a lot of affection for ragdoll cats. Some of the major attractions to ragdoll cats which make people love them are their physical qualities. The best way to own ragdolls is to buy them when they are still young in order to be able to observe them grow into wonderful pets. When one needs ragdoll kittens Georgia offers the perfect location to visit.

Most individuals who purchase ragdolls while they are young live with them for many years. In some cases, some individuals only get separated from their pets by misfortunes such as death. Therefore, one is advised to take their time to find the most suitable kitten that there is out there. This could be time consuming since the breeding industry has nowadays been flooded with illegitimate breeders working alongside legitimate ones.

There are many places that one can get a ragdoll kitten and one of them is cat shows. Shows usually have breeders from all corners of the state or country coming together to showcase their best works. One can easily locate a kitten that attracts them. If this happens, it is advisable not to pick the kitten straightaway. Instead, one should wait for a week or two before they make their pickup.

It is highly advised not to buy kittens from cat shows. This is because there is a high chance that the kitties there have diseases. Due to the presence of many cats in most shows, the probability of infections passing from one cat to another is high. Hence, a period of two weeks must be allowed so that the seller can identify the disease and have the pet treated before selling it off.

Before making a purchase, it is highly advisable to see more than one litter of kittens. If possible, one should check out as many litters as possible from different breeders. When moving from one breeder to another, it is highly advisable to wash and change clothes. Washing and changing clothes limits the possibility of cross infection.

Some people feel pity for weakling, sickly, and lethargic kittens. This makes them buy such kitties regardless of them being in bad physical health. This is advised against even though it might appear to be the right thing. Low quality kitties are usually produced through bad breeding conditions by breeders who fail to observe hygiene and good breeding practices. Buying such kittens encourages such breeders to continue with their bad habits knowing that their kittens will have a market.

With bad breeders existing in the industry, ragdoll cats are affected immensely. Hence, one should never buy a sickly kitten. As a matter of fact, it is vital to inspect each and every kitten keenly prior to settling on any of them. In case one finds out that there is any sort of discharge from the mouth, genitals, nostrils, or anus, it implies that the litter is sickly and should be avoided.

Good kittens ought to be super active and playful. The eyes should be full of energy and look lively. At 12 weeks, the kitten should weigh about 3 pounds and healthy. Prior to making a purchase, one should have a vet examine the animal.

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