Useful And Essential Facts About Katahdin Rams For Sale

By Margaret McDonald

Katahdin sheep are some of the best breeds of sheep in existence. They have a long history that started in the state of Maine in the United States. They came about through experimentation that involved breeding different kinds of sheep with the intention of achieving an animal with specific qualities. By the time the experiment was complete, a resilient yet docile breed was introduced and it was called Katahdin after Mount Katahdin in Maine. Here are facts regarding Katahdin rams for sale.

The sheep are reared by most people, each person for different purposes. One can rare these animals due to their lean meat or for purposes of breeding. Also, they have very fine wool, which fetches a favorable price in the market and attracts some people to raise them. Breeders usually sell lambs to people in need of rearing a flock of katahdins.

Certain factors need to be understood before rearing these animals if one intends to be success. One of the factors that one needs to know is that these animals have a strong flocking instinct, which makes them to flourish when they are in a flock. It is a mistake to raise one sheep alone on a farm without other sheep.

Research indicates that katahdins usually feel depressed and may become physically ill if they are not kept in the company of other sheep. This is contributed to by the fact that they are highly social animals. If one plans to get a lamb, it is recommended to buy two or three lambs and have them coexist. If possible, the lambs should be of a relatively same size and age.

In order for the sheep to prosper, there should be enough space for them. Generally an acre of land can accommodate two ewes well. The animals do better on a huge land. More land eliminates the need for frequent treatment of worms and diseases. Additionally, plentiful of land provides space to move freely and to graze sheep.

It is necessary to make sure the animals have plenty of water all the time. Several watering joints ought to exist on the farmstead to ensure ease of access. They should also be provided with loose minerals for purposes of supplementing their diet. The best minerals to give to katahdins should not be categorized as all-stock minerals. It is necessary to know that copper should never be given to any species of sheep.

It is important to provide good shelter for the animals against inclement weather and night time. The shelter should have three walls and a water-tight roof. Providing at least 16 square feet of space for every sheep in the pen is recommendable. If the temperatures are really low, the open face of the shelter can be covered to provide insulation and help the animals stay warm.

These animals are very hardy animals and this quality makes them very attractive. Katahdins can also withstand external and internal parasites very well. One must always look out for some symptoms which indicate presence of parasites like worms. However deworming the animals once after a while is advisable.

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