What You May Not Know About Australian Labradoodles

By Ryan Snyder

Dog lovers who have their own place may want to consider getting their own pet someday. While it does take a lot of responsibility, one cannot deny that having canine companions will make it all worthwhile. If you are thinking of getting a specific breed, here are some interesting facts you may not know about Australian labradoodle puppies for sale.

The Australian labradoodle is a unique and energetic breed that is an entirely different group from other doodles. Its main difference is the fact that its main contributors come from European ancestry while regular labradoodles originate from American sources. Another factor that also separates the two is their breeding program where the former has a careful process.

Another fact to know about this type is it differs greatly from its standard counterparts. One is that the Australian type is generally derived from European sources while regular ones tend to learn toward American options. Additionally, its famous coat predominantly comes in straight or waxy textures while American sourced breeds may vary.

Another characteristic these pets possess is they are lovable creatures. These particular dogs are happy, excitable, and love to meet other dogs and children. Nevertheless, they still need to be regularly socialized so they can exhibit proper behavior. When training your dog, use a positive approach by praising and rewarding them with treats. Remember to stay patient.

Next, they are incredibly lovable. When raised properly, the Australian labradoodle is an excitable, friendly, and loving companion. They have an even temperament which makes them approachable towards other animals. While those shared traits are true from pets purchased from reliable breeders, owners should make sure to also socialize their dog immediately.

Next, they are generally a healthy group. When purchased from a reliable breeder, a doodle can have an average lifespan of fifteen years. However, they are prone to developing certain conditions as they grow older like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and exercise induced collapse. As much as possible, make sure to work with a reputable breeder and invest in some health tests for your fluffy friend.

They are active dogs. Another fact to take note of with this remarkable breed is its restless energy. These pets love to play and exercise which makes it a great partner for any person who loves the outdoors. Aside from running and fetching, these creatures also love to swim which makes it a great family dog for households that have swimming pools.

Lastly, the Australian labradoodle is a friendly and welcoming pet. When bred and raised properly, these dog types make excellent family dogs because of their highly trainable, intelligent, even temperament traits. Regardless of its reputation, owners should socialize their dog often to prevent any behavioral issues.

A dog can be a wonderful partner for any person who adores animals. Should you decide on this breed, make it a point to only work with a legitimate breeder. It also helps to do some research on their background by examining their credentials and see whether their previous clients were satisfied with their customers. Good luck and take care of your new furry friend.

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