What You Should Know Ragdoll Kittens Alabama

By William Schmidt

The most outstanding features that these cats have been known for are their stunning blue eyes and silky fur. Additionally, they have doglike characteristics, and for this reason, they could be excellent pets for families. There is a wrong notion that these kinds of cats love solace. This is false because these cats enjoy the company of people and other cats too. Check out a few characteristics that should make you consider getting they Ragdoll Kittens Alabama.

They are relational, making companionship of their greatest needs. When deprived of their social needs, they can fall into loneliness or depression. Some behaviors can act as symptoms of depression. For example, oversleeping, lethargic behavior, destroying things around them, clinginess to you when around them, too much grooming or lack thereof, scratching of furniture and toppling objects and lack of appetite. It is advisable for you to visit a vet as soon as you notice such behaviors because they can be an indication of illness. However, the best way to avoid all this is to offer great companionship to your cat.

In the instance where you are not quite sure about should be the perfect companion, then worry less. These cats are typically warm, calm, and are easy-going. They can easily get along with most family pets, including dogs that are the most common. Most of these factors need a good balance of personality between your cat and the second cat.

They should be, therefore, consideration about the age, breed, activity level, and, their personalities. If you are not quite sure about which cat Friend to be able to bring home as a companion, then pick out a kitten. Most of the cats end up easily accepting kittens, including males.

There are five categories of cat breeds that you could choose from that have the characteristics of a laid back yet friendly companion. They are Birman, Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair, Burmese, and Maine Coon. It is likely that after your cat gets the perfect friend, the symptoms of depression and loneliness will reduce significantly.

Besides, it is essential for you to ensure that you get supplies for the second cat. It is not a guarantee that the carts will share everything just because they have become good buddies. Especially for the introductory process, getting individual items for each of them would be very crucial. These items include food, treats, toys, bed, litter boxes, water, and food dishes.

The introduction of the other cat should also be as seamless as possible. Avoid direct introduction by giving the new cat a sanctuary with food and water dishes, bread, toys, and litter box. Also, feed the cats at the same time on opposite sides of the door. You could let the new cards to explore the rest of the house after a week. It is only then that you can be able to make a face-to-face introduction. You should frequently let them spend time together but with your constant supervision. Any setback experienced should be able to lead you back to the first step.

The process might take a while, but you should be patient. Sometimes it would take two weeks to even six months for them to get along. Additionally, you should give room for their peculiarity, and thus, different cats are likely to respond differently to the whole process.

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