Wonderful Facts About Pow Wows 2019

By Jerry Rogers

When we met new friends or those whom we did not see for a long time, we celebrate their presence by hanging out in bars, backyards, inside our homes or theirs. In every place of the world, there are many ways in which we expressed our happiness for the friendship among ourselves and for other people. This is the main reason why this pow wows 2019 festivity is the culmination of a week long remembering and cherishing the presence and moments with each other.

It is basically a social event in a local Native American groups, but what sets it apart from others is the way it carries a rich and colorful cultural aspect. At this present moment, it has been more of keeping intact the traditions of a tribe while appreciating the fact that no two Indian societies have the same exact culture from each other. This is the reason why celebrations would last from a day until one week, because there is simply not enough time to spend precious moments together once the event stops.

Perhaps this festival has the longest time of preparation as it sometimes takes almost a year to prepare for it. Sponsoring this event is sometimes shouldered by tribal groups who will then prepare everything for the big day. They will spread the news, prepare the place of festivity and reach out to vendors who can sell their local products to the guests.

The perfect sign that the festival is about to start is the unison sound of drums which could be heard at a distance. The rhythm signifies an invitation for people to come and being part in their celebration of brotherhood, peace and unity. Different singing styles from the North and South are often heard together with these drums.

Every movement in the dances are a reflection of how rich and colorful is their tradition. Keeping the flow of the program is what the master of ceremonies, often the most senior and deemed knowledgeable on the tribal ways. This person can help make the spectators explain to them what is happening all around and may add light jokes on it.

What is peculiar about this ceremony is that everybody is invited, friend or foe, so it was crucial that somebody would act as the middleman between them to keep everything in order. In festivities today, you can call this person as the master of ceremony who will see to it that everything flows smoothly. It is very much like the Olympics of old wherein warring states of ancient Greece would stop their wars after four years to play games in honor of the gods.

What their society really is could be reflected by the way they dance and sang their songs, aside from their exhibits for everyone to see. Sometimes, they will cook food prepared by their own way of serving them. You might also get to see fine arts from their tribes and marvel at their deep meaning.

Even though the occasion could have a festive mood, it is also a method of keeping the tradition alive which could be passed on to the young ones. Settling disputes are also brought up during this event and everyone is given the opportunity to speak up. The use of sticks given to anybody who wished to talk became the standard practice until today.

In order to understand another group of people, we need to know how they behave and make their own living in the society. Rather than learning them through textbooks and from the classroom, you can learn faster and better if you are a witness on their act. In such way, we can appreciate them more and learn to live harmoniously in this ever changing world.

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