Woodstock NY Travel Guide When You Need It Most

By Eric Long

Woodstock is a place which provides the perfect atmosphere to simply absorb the surroundings and forget about your busy your lifestyle. It is the perfect escape for someone working in the city. In fact, it is only a two hour drive from New York City. With a Woodstock NY travel guide, you will find out more about the town and what it has to offer.

Many people are surprised that the area is not just about the festival dating back to the late sixties. There is so much more to this beautiful area than this. You can find out about a couple of trails heading into the mountains. If you want to explore your spiritual side, you may want to take a walk to the monastery. Many people come here just to spend time here.

You are surrounded by nature with many exciting trails where you can go hiking. There are some great spas where you can get away from everything and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the office environment. It is great to be able to talk to the folk here about their lives. Not everyone here are aged hippies.

Of course, there are bigger concerts organized for well known artists as well. This is something well worth seeing. You can make a vacation of it as well. Once you have been to the concert, you can take a day to stroll around Tinker street and buy yourself a souvenir. You can then take a walk on one of the trails or simply go and listen to a musician strumming away at one of the bars.

There are many spas which give you the perfect treatment in among this natural surroundings. The massage you receive is the best thing to receive stress and tension which piles up from the lifestyle that one is so used to. It is a time where you can simply relax and have this time for yourself.

There are a variety of treatments which you can take advantage of. Most spas will give you a package deal and this is great for people who want to spend most of their time here. This combined with time spent outdoors walking on the trails can be something which you will live to remember. Many people come back for an experience like this.

Of course, you can also plan your trip according to events which happen here. You can't forget about the music festivals which happen every so often. There are some great artists who perform here. Even if they are not your favorite artists, you will enjoy the atmosphere. The fact that you are in the area which was made so famous is reason to come here.

Most people drive here. However, you can also catch a bus here. You can hire a bike and get around the town on your own. It is small, so you don't need a car. Bethel is the place where the festival took place. It is a kilometer away from the town. This gives you some idea of the distances.

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