To Find Pug Puppies For Sale NC Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Patricia Adams

Pugs are among the many dog breeds in the world currently. Its tail is curled and has a distinctive wrinkly, short-muzzled face. It was in the 16th century that pugs were introduced in Europe. The House of Orange of the Netherlands and the House of Stuart are accountable for popularizing it in Western Europe. Queen Victoria had a strong passion for this breed in the 19th century and this passion was passed to other royal family members by her. When in need of Pug puppies for sale NC should be visited.

Among the many dog breeds registered with American Kennel Club (AKC) are pugs as well. This dog is categorized under toy group of dogs since its body is compact and sturdy. Formerly, this dog breed was bred as a lap dog but with time that has changed. Currently, it is categorized as a companion dog.

This name pug came from Latin language and it means fist. This dog was given that name since its face was thought to resemble the fist of a human. Pugs are therefore among three dog breeds that are short-nosed and were bred by the Chinese. The other breeds are Lion dog and Pekingese.

The dogs weigh very little and are very small in size because they are toy dogs. They usually weigh ranging from 14 to 18 pounds both females and males. Usually, females and males have almost a similar size and it might be difficult to differentiate between them basing on their weight or size only. Their height typically ranges from 10 to 14 inches at the shoulders.

Like stated earlier, these dogs were initially bred to be lap dogs, but have evolved to be companion dogs. As such, one should not expect them to retrieve, guard, or hunt. They are very devoted companion dogs that will always want to stay on the laps of their owners. One should expect them to try their best to sit on the laps as one is reading a book or watching a movie.

Considering temperament, puppies are naturally curious and playful. They must be able to allow being held and approached. Temperament is nevertheless affected by some factors, including socialization, training, and heredity. Therefore, it is essential to offer enough socialization to these puppies while at an early stage. Socialization is supposed to involve exposure to various experiences, sounds, sites and people.

Generally, pugs are healthy dogs although some health problems should be expected in some situations. Some of them are patellar luxation, legg-perthes disease, emi vertebrae, yeast infection, staph infection, allergies dry eye, and corneal ulcers. Others include nerve degeneration, cheyletiella, pug dog encephalitis, and many more.

Generally, pugs are a breed which is much playful hence they endeavor to please their owners. Nevertheless, their maintenance requirements are relatively low. This makes them a suitable choice from owners who are old. Apartment dwellers can also keep them since they are small sized and portray inactivity while indoors. It is essential to expose them to little exercise daily. If they are not entertained, there is a possibility of them becoming comical and playful.

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