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Entrepreneur 101: I Got an Idea, Now What?

So begins the journey; You get the idea to create a unique product, you are convinced that this product will solve many problems, and make you really rich. Do you know that? An idea is one thing, but to go on the journey, your idea to fly is a ball game quite different. For many people, the idea of ​​leaving a regular income leaving a new business can be frightening and nervous and pleasant, but people have had the experience of the company and that it is worth it. There are several reasons why people go into self-employment. If you do not like normal lifestyle 9-5 and want to work at their own terms, then maybe the entrepreneurship is for you. People are dismissed from work or have a bad experience in the traditional workplace so that they can give the push to find their dreams and follow after that while others stay at home with the family. No matter why you choose to become an entrepreneur , you need to set goals, write them down and check them from time to time to st

Customer Focus Books and Training Programs

What’s inside.. This 190+ page book includes: real situational examples and case studies, stories which describe customer -focused excellence, examples of best practices explanations of how to implement each best practice, clear easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, reproducible assessments, planning , management and evaluation forms and tools, 8½ X 11 format for ease of use More About That’s Customer Focus Based on 20 years of hands-on practical expertise and extensive research of proven best practices, this book will enable you to develop and implement a comprehensive action plan for embedding customer focus throughout your entire organization, department or team. We explain how to use proven "customer focus" best practices so you can: create long-term customer retention and loyalty, continually listen to the voice of the customer, create a long-term loyalty-based revenue stream, align your systems, people and processes with what your customer