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Choosing the Most Cost Effective Labels for Your Business

By Matt Zar Not sure how to choose the right label to fit your needs? Follow our comprehensive label guide to learn which labels will be most cost-effective for your business . Direct Thermal If you're engaged in the short-term labeling of products that won't be exposed to harsh elements or UV ray, you should choose direct thermal. These are perfect for products and shipments that won't encounter high temperatures, and for businesses that require superior print quality on the finished label. Thermal Transfer Okay, but what if your products will be exposed to heath, sunlight, and harsh environmental elements? Not to worry! We've got you! Thermal transfer can withstand the most extreme temperatures, as well as a variety of different chemicals and pollutants. If you're shipping products or storing foods that will be kept outside, or kept in chemically-enhanced environments, choosing thermal transfer will ensure that the ink doesn't fade and th