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3 Key Elements to Add to Images for Marketing Content

By Kathy Colaiacovo Images are a BIG part of online marketing . They should be! They are faster to take in and digest than plain text, and people will get your message much faster. Images in marketing are making it easier for readers to consume the content faster. Many businesses are seeing an uptick in reach, shares, likes and comments when they post images online as compared to text only content . Especially on Facebook . Visuals and Images also can appeal to the human emotion and get the message across in a deeper way than had you posted it only with text, they also make it easier to engage the audience seeing your images. These are some of the many reasons why businesses have moved to more images in their marketing content compared with text only. At Pepper it Marketing , we have changed how we post a lot of our client's marketing content on social media and have moved to posting more images than text. You cannot argue with results! We h